KI Familie

ITS Hamburg: KI Familie presents itself to an international audience

This year's ITS Congress in Hamburg from October 11 to 15 welcomed international visitors. Despite the pandemic, the congress was able to register a record number of visitors: Around 13,000 guests gathered information on the topic of mobility of the future during the event. The KI Familie also took the opportunity to present itself to an international audience.

In a 90-minute special session, all four projects of the KI Familie presented themselves: KI Absicherung, KI Delta Learning, KI Data Tooling and KI Wissen. After a short introduction by Tanja Kessel (EICT), Cornelia Denk (BMW), coordinator of KI Data Tooling, first presented how the project aims to build a complete data solution for training and validating AI-based automated driving functions. Next, Lydia Gauerhof (Bosch) showed how KI Absicherung is working to make the safety of AI functions for highly automated driving verifiable. Mohsen Sefati (Mercedes-Benz) then explained how KI Delta Learning is working on AI scalability and exploring methods for more efficient and unrestricted use of AI in automated vehicles in the "Open World." The AI Knowledge project will complement this by researching the integration of existing knowledge into machine learning, as project coordinator Jörg Dietrich (Continental) explained. The aim is to increase the generalizability and functional quality of AI decisions. In the four presentations, it was made clear how the four projects tackle different problem areas of AI and thus cleverly complement each other.

The four presentations were followed by a supplementary presentation by Matthias Schulze, Vice President Europe & Asia of Algolux. Here he showed how Algolux is „Detecting the invisible“ by developing cameras for ADAS/AV computer vision edge cases. The roundabout 50 participants in the session were then able to ask questions and make comments about the four AI projects as well as Algolux in a lively discussion. This discussion provided a rounded conclusion to this first presentation of the KI Familie on the international stage.