KI Familie

KI Familie complete as of January

The launch of KI Wissen on January 01, 2021 completes the KI Familie of the VDA Leitinitiative autonomous and connected driving. The fourth project complements the already ongoing projects of the KI Familie KI Absicherung, KI Delta Learning and KI Data Tooling. The project cluster on artificial intelligence for autonomous driving is unique in this form in the German research landscape and will build up comprehensive AI expertise for all automotive application fields in Germany over the next few years.

In order to present a recognizably cohesive image to the world, coordinated designs and dynamic websites were developed for both the projects and the KI Familie. All websites function visually and in terms of content as independent project pages and yet are clearly part of the KI Familie. For example, central visual aspects can be found on all websites. A new feature is the joint news channel, which bundles all news from the KI projects on the KI Familie page thus making them all available in one place: