KI Wissen

Patent application in the KI Wissen project

Towards faster utilization and industrialization of the key technology AI

KI Wissen provides knowledge-based methods and components for training and validation of AI-based automated driving functions. The patent application is an important aspect of the project. Patents are a good means for the project to demonstrate the degree of innovation and the project's success both internally and externally. A number of starting points emerge from the preliminary results, both for the extended scientific view and for future economic exploitation.

During project implementation, the partners generate applications for patents and utility models or designs. These are based on work results from the project areas of knowledge integration, knowledge extraction, knowledge conformity and enabler, integration and demonstration. In the KI Wissen research project, methods for the integration of existing knowledge into the data-driven AI functions of autonomous vehicles are being developed and investigated. It is valid to expect that the importance of autonomous systems for the society of the future will increase. Here, the knowledge gained in KI Wissen represents an important basis for further applied research in the field of safety-critical autonomous systems and their interaction with their human environment.

The project partners Continental, Bosch and Valeo have already filed some important patent applications that will provide exciting impulses in the following topics:

  • Computer-implemented method for training a machine-learning model for a vehicle or a robot
  • Computationally Efficient Trajectory Representation for Traffic Participants;
  • Integrated Probabilistic Long Term Traffic Scene Prediction and Tracking;
  • Method and Device for Understanding Complex Traffic Signs with Sensor Fusion and Semantic Reasoning;
  • System and method for translating natural language traffic rules into formal logic for autonomous driving;
  • Verfahren zum Auswerten eines Bildes einer Erfassungseinrichtung;
  • Verfahren zum Überprüfen eines neuronalen Netzwerks für eine Objektklassifizierung;
  • Method for Automatic Failure Detection and Suppression of Neural Networks;
  • Tool and Method for computing local concept-based explanations of Deep Neural Networks.

By generating patents, KI Wissen actively contributes to innovations in the key technology of artificial intelligence.

image: EICT